Friday, July 19, 2013

Piratical Book Bites

Ready for a bigger Book Bite?

PIRATE APPRENTICE is a thrilling new middle grade adventure series. The first book, UNDER A BLOOD RED MOON, is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Why would four children apprentice themselves to the bloodiest band of cutthroats to sail the seas?

CASIMIR, a dirt-poor farm boy, is desperate to help his starving family. He's a gentle giant made strong by working with the earth, but he'll put his personal feelings of honor aside to turn brigand and save his mother and brothers.

ROLLO is the son of two infamous pirates – Grullo the Red Walrus, and Queen Mab, the fearsome female buccaneer. It's only natural that he follow in his family's footsteps. But does he have a desperate plan to change the nature of piracy forever?

Her Royal Highness Princess BLOSSOM has been sailing since she could walk. Though a princess isn't allowed to be apprenticed, she follows her dream and tries to bind herself as an apprentice pilot for four years. But everything goes horribly wrong when she accidentally signs on as a pirate instead of a pilot. Will she be a hostage, or sold to slavers? Or will she thwart the fiendish plot that threatens to overthrow her father's kingdom?

PYM is Blossom's Humble Companion, the commoner sworn from birth to serve and protect her. He's against her madcap plans, but follows her to keep her safe. When she signs on as a pirate, he has to join up too. Will this be his chance to prove he's worthy of a princess' love? Or will he always be no more than a faithful dog to Blossom?

In UNDER A BLOOD RED MOON, Casimir, Rollo, Pym and Blossom join the crew as pirate apprentices, and discover that there is nothing romantic about the violent world of piracy. As they forge alliances and weave lies to survive, the new apprentices find their footing and prepare for the training that will either kill them or turn them into the most terrible criminals to ride the waves. Or is there a third alternative? Can these four apprentices create a new kind of pirate?

UNDER A BLOOD RED MOON is the first in an exciting new series from Book Bites by Lu Sylvan. Book Bites offers short, exciting, inexpensive fiction and nonfiction e-books that kids will devour. Look for the next book in the PIRATE APPRENTICE series, coming soon!

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