Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Bites FICTION

Here is another way for your kids to get their daily dose of reading -- all in one tasty bite! Introducing Book Bites FICTION. A new title has just launched:

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The artist Henri Rousseau is best known for his lush, primitive images of wild beasts in exotic jungle settings. The story A TIGER IN FRANCE is a fictional account of Henri Rousseau as a child. It is illustrated with five stunning reproductions of Rousseau's masterpieces. After the story is an informative, engaging biography of the artist. Fiction and fact, all in one book!

In class, Henri Rousseau daydreams, staring out the window at a cat he pretends is a tiger. Even when he is scolded by his teacher, he insists that there is more to the world than can be easily seen. But when the class goes to the botanical gardens and is menaced by a real tiger, young Henri uses his unique world view to see the tiger's secret and save the day.

Combining fiction and fact in a novel way, A TIGER IN FRANCE is an ideal introduction to the magnificent, beguiling work of Henri Rousseau. A TIGER IN FRANCE is the first of the ART BITES – a new series of short books from BOOK BITES. It is perfect for independent readers, or as a read-aloud, so children and parents can share the wonderful world of Henri Rousseau.

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